Saturday, 9 November 2013

Show them who's BOSS

So, I don't usually post things like this but there is an AMAZING competition hosted by the beautiful and inspiring Poppy D, so when I heard about it, you can imagine how excited I was..oh and not forgetting that you can win £150 worth of Selfridges vouchers!

All you have to do is create an incredibly stunning and sophisticated outfit to wear to a job interview. 
Sounds simple right? 


I find it so extremely hard to find an outfit that is professional, smart and stylish but it still has to be expressive and reflect my personal style!?! 
And sometimes I may want to dress like an all-over-the-place-creative-art-lady, but I have to show a future boss that "I am pulled together and organised - if you need to take me with you to a meeting with clients or top editors, I will fit in".

As you know, I am quite lucky in that I do what I love, which is fashion and beauty illustration and most of my clients are either fashion designers, magazine editors or just full-time fashion disciples.
As you can imagine, I have to look my ultimate best when meeting clients.

Here are a few images that I adore the styling in, I just had to add them...

 So, the competition is to style your dream interview outfit and here are two of mine...

Leather trim coat, £399, Jaeger   -   I want this coat. Like really really want this coat. I would be stunning with any outfit, smart or casual but its soo expensive - Oh poppy why do you do this to me?
Silk Shirt, £34, French Connection   -   I actually bought this shirt just now off the French Connection website, I love it so much...oh and it is in the sale!!
Platform Heels, £92, Kat Maconie   -   I am in love with these heels and who cares if its winter and your toes get cold, I'd still wear them...
Print Mini Skirt, £255, O'2nd   -   I've only recently heard of O'2nd and I think I'm in love! I am proud of myself for not going overboard with this print!
Clutch, £135, MeDusa   -   The detailing on this clutch is just to die for! And not to mention it comes in every colour you can think of!
Watch, £150, Ice-watch   -   This watch was made for this outfit. Need I say more?
Ring, £43, Max and Chloe   -   This is the only bit of "bling bling" that I added to this outfit which is very surprising for me - I love myself some bling!

I didn't realise until just now, but for some reason I have chosen really expensive stuff which I will never in a billion years be able to afford...
unless I win...

While I was researching clothes for this outfit I came across the most amazing designers such as MeDusa and Clover Canyon which before now I had never heard of! Thanks to this comp, think their on my top list of favs!

I also made this one, which is slightly more casual than the last but I honestly can't choose which I prefer.
White Sandals, £140, Kurt Geiger   -   I saw these and knew they had to go in one of my outfits one way or another.
Wrap Blouse, £40, Oasis   -   I wasn't sure to start off with if the stripes would go with the detailing on the skirt and clutch, and what-do-you-know it does!
Watch, £65, Nixon   -   Like before, I think a watch is a must when going for a job interview and this one is gorg!
Rings, £15, Pilgim   -   gold is the perfect accent for this outfit!
Necklace, £12, Claires   -   I can't actually believe I came across this beautiful necklace because it matches the bag and the skirt in the detailing - its such a coincidence!
Nail Polish, £10.95, Essie   -   I dont think I could have matched this colour to the bag better!
Leather mini skirt, £90, Oasis   -   I am so in love with leather skirts right now and i had to add at least one in!
Clutch, £115, MeDusa   -   I love this bag as before and how convenient that it comes in red too!

The pop of colour in both of these does hint at that crazy-creative side of mine but it also shows I can keep it under control and use it to my advantage when choosing an outfit.

Anyway, I hope you like my outfits I've chosen!

I almost forgot, here's a little video made by #TheJobAcademy for inspiration when picking an outfit for a job interview...


Oh, and Poppy I have to admit it, I want the pink A-line skirt too.

Friday, 18 October 2013

"A Lace Garden" Elie SAAB Spring Summer 2014

I had such high hopes for Elie Saab's spring summer 2014 collection and BOY did he deliver!
He went back to the garden, "A Lace Garden", for inspiration, which as you probably know from my past drawings that I love anything to do with delicate flowers and intricate lace, so for me this has to be one of his best collections to date.
I wanted to draw every single piece from his whole collection but with so much work to do and SO little time, I had to chose just one piece.
The black lace dresses at the end of Elie Saab's show absolutely stole the show. This part of the show was like a garden full of blooms captured at midnight. The needlepoint lace used is just exquisite, so I probably chose one of THE hardest gowns to illustrate but it was definitely worth it!
I hope you like my final illustration pictured above, it was completed using pencil and watercolour.
Here are some more of my favourites from Elie Saab's SS14 collection. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Wild Thing
By Annabelle King
Completed using pencil and watercolour.
I've been so obsessed with leopard print recently and the whole "wild" look that I decided to base a drawing on it and it was SO much fun to do!
I was actually really inspired by Katy Perry's recent song ROAR. I'm really happy with how this one's turned out - she looks like a LION.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

London Fashion Week!

So yesterday I was kindly invited to Nadia Minkoff and Nico Didonna's Spring Summer 2014 collection at London Fashion Week. The collection was entitled "Cubism Line" and it was BEAUTIFUL! 
I got some great shots and here are two of my favorites:

Even outside at Somersethouse the street fashion is incredible, it was like a catwalk show in itself!

These girls all turned around at exactly the right time and i managed to get a photo #caughtinthemoment

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


So, I'm back from the beautiful, sun-filled place you call Turkey. 
Although it's great to be back, drawing and all sorts, i do miss the golden sun, sand and long days spent just swimming...
Whilst i was away i took azillion photos of the sceanery etc and here's some of my favs!

(Via Instagram)


Now I'm home i can get back to sketching and with London Fashion Week drawing near, I'm sure my days will be filled with everything to do with FASHION! Cant wait :-)
Anyway i hope you like my holiday snaps and i'll keep you updated with all my upcoming illustrations!

P.S. Turkey have THE best beer. Ever.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bon Voyage!

(Photo source: 

Nearly ready to go!
I'm off to Turkey on holiday for a few weeks, so wont be posting anything for a while.
I will take loads of photos to share with you when i get back.
Remember, there is still a sale in my etsy shop here so you can still get prints and originals of my illustrations.
The weather in turkey is looking to be 40°C+...very very heres some summery photos that i found on the web to get me prepared!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013



Recently I've been absolutely fascinated with vintage fashion and photography.
I think the thing i love the most about it is the fact that although they didnt have all the high-tech gear we have today, they still produced some of the most beautiful and iconic images!!
Heres some images i found around the web of some stunning vintage photos by amazing photographers such as Horst P. Horst and Erwin Blumenfeld.