Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The day I met BEYONCE!

AHHH I know this is a bit late, but because I've been away I have a huge backlog of work, photos and events etc to blog about, but obviously THIS is the most important of all...I MET BEYONCE.

I don't think I'll ever be able to believe those words.

Two days before I went away, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Mrs Carter Show World Tour at the o2 in London plus early entry, ensuring I could get as close to the most amazing, beautiful and inspiring human on earth, Beyonce.

 So after about 8 hours of queueing, (yes...eight hours) we were finally let in to the arena and we got so close to the stage, I knew it was going to be an amazing show, but I had NO idea what would happen next.
I held out my huge beyonce banner with both my beyonce drawings on it, you can see the image that was on the banner below. 
It was such an incredible atmosphere, being around hundreds of people who share the same love for beyonce and her music - there was nothing like it!
Anyway, during her song "Irreplaceable", she walked through the audience singing with fans, holding their hands, making their dreams come true and then she came over to me.
She took my hand, stopped singing and pointed at my drawings saying, "that's beautiful" and asked "did you actually draw this?" and I just nodded frantically, I must have looked an absolute starstruck sweaty mess! She then said "Wow its so pretty, you got me distracted!" 
DISTRACTED, my drawings actually distracted beyonce from her performance. I don't think i will EVER get over that.
People have been sending me loads of their photos and videos that they took of the moment beyonce speaks to me, which i am SO happy about, you can see them below!

Here is the image of my two beyonce drawings merged together that I printed on the banner,

 These photos are screen shots from a video someone sent me of her taking my hand:

One of the only photos I took personally, my phone packed up due to all the craziness! -

 We made friends with people who were next to us in the queue and they sent these to me of her looking at me in the eyes, talking to me and her pointing at my banner -

From beyonce's tumblr page:

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