Sunday, 28 September 2014

Dolce and Gabbana SS15 Beauty Illustration

I always look forward to Dolce and Gabbana's collection at fashion week and (I think every time I say the same thing) this one has to be my all time favourite. 
Taking inspiration from decadent Sicily, the D&G boys used luxurious fabrics in rich colours which accompanied stunning lace work and embroidery. Every look made me want to pick up my pencil and start sketching! 
Usually, I focus on full length illustrations but when I saw this photo taken backstage of the beautiful model, Zhenya Katava, I just had to draw it.
I used pencil for the most part and then watercolour for the roses - I hope you like it!
I've put the original up for sale in my etsy shop, which you can find here,


  Kendall Jenner

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