Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Zimmermann Autmn Winter 2014 Fashion Illustration

I loved everything about Zimmermann's Autumn Winter 2014 collection and not just because it is their second ever runway show in new york, but that it was just beautifully together, the pieces are so intricate and modern but I feel that some of the looks hint at an influence from the Victorian era.
I'm a sucker for the details, from the patent black shoes to the cute little bow neck pieces, even the slicked back hair and the deep Burgundy lipstick all add to this modern, vintage look - which  I LOVE!
Anyway I particularly liked the chunky knit jumper dress which is why i had to illustrate it - I completed it using my favorites; pencil and watercolour.
I hope you like! It took quite a while to draw all the little bobbles but was definitely worth it!

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